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Tips for a Healthy Summer

Summer is upon us and with it comes all the fun activities for which Wisconsin is famous.  Remember, summer vacation does not mean a vacation from oral health.  Here are some helpful tips to ensure a healthy and fun summer.   Don’t forget your toothbrush! It may seem silly, but easily forgotten. Pack an extra […]

Baby teeth and more

It’s just a baby tooth.  Why does it matter?  Those are common thoughts many parents have about their children’s teeth.  Besides their obvious function of chewing food, baby teeth provide many other benefits.  First and foremost, a child’s smile aids in their self-esteem.  And few things are cuter than a four year old’s big cheesy […]

How is your New Year’s Resolution going?

January is almost done.  How are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along?   Are you still exercising like you planned?  Still eating healthy?  Quit smoking?  If you have already fallen off the wagon, don’t despair.  Making a large change in your life is difficult and takes time to accomplish. Setbacks are bound to happen.  The key […]

What is YOUR Cavity Risk?

Cavities have been in the news lately.  Maybe you have heard about recent study in Australia talking about the slow growth of cavities.  Does this mean we can throw our drill away??  Unfortunately, NO!  Yes, it takes time for cavities to grow, but this is NOT new news.  In fact, this idea has been taught […]